A new path ahead


I hear God say: " I am going to take you a way you have never been before. The Lord will give you the faith, his faith, to overcome any and every obstacle that would come against you." This is both exciting and challenging. For many years my call has been to support the Jewish people and I am looking forward to the new things that God will open up in this ministry.

Close to God's heart are his chosen people, the Jews and his nation Israel. One day Jesus was confronted by a Canaanite woman who came to him for help. He told her that God had sent him to minister to the lost sheep of Israel only (Matthew 15:24). A few chapters later Matthew tells us how in the Last Days Jesus will gather all the nations of the world to judge them on their behaviour towards his people. (Matthew 25:31-40) These verses are about our behaviour over the centuries towards the Jewish people and I believe we owe a debt of love to these our Jewish brethren.

Partakers of the promise

Yet the life and sacrifice of Jesus was not for the Jews only. When Jesus died on the cross he gave his life for all humanity. As we read in Romans 11:13-25 we gentiles have been grafted into this Jewish olive tree. Let's thank the Lord for our salvation and for his love and kindness. What amazing favour Jesus has given us all! What a privilege to be partakers of the same promises as our Jewish brethren. What an amazing God we all have. We do owe from our hearts a depth of love to these our Jewish brothers and sisters.

An open door

It seems clear we are swiftly moving into the Last Days and yet it also seems this is a time of new opportunity. There is an open door before us. As we take the first step to walk through that door we must have faith that God will make the way clear to each of us and he will make provision for the journey ahead.

  • * NEV SMITH is the Founder and Director of The Shekinah Legacy|