Prophetic Revelation: Networking the Nations

Time Of Change


Those of you who know me will know that the last few months have been a great time of change. Moving continents, getting married and then moving house. During this season I had allowed myself to be distracted and so, had taken my eyes off of the Lord a bit. But my wife and I sat down to spend time in God╪╕┬€╪تs presence recently and it was like refreshment to my soul. I was blown away by how He loves to be with us and spend time building us up even when we have not been around for a while.

Last night I was hearing some great teaching on how coming to the end of your own efforts and letting God work through you - past what you can achieve on your own - is the way to see what can be done for the kingdom when you are willing to let Him take the wheel. 2 Corinthians 12:9. This, ironically, was the opposite of what I had been doing over the last few months. I had come to a place where I was trying to juggle everything in my own strength. Of course, if I had taken a step back and looked at what I was doing, I would have seen that I was doing things the hard way and I needed to ask God to work through me in all I was trying to accomplish.

Within our ministries if we try and do things in our own strength we will only get so far before we cannot continue or we burn out and that is a long way from the abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10. If we kid ourselves and say that we can do it in our own strength we╪╕┬€╪تll be waiting a long time for the revivals to happen in the areas we work and it╪╕┬€╪تll be a really frustrating wait.

If you have unfulfilled prophecy that has been spoken over your life and you are waiting for it to happen, ask God if it is you who is blocking it from becoming fulfilled. Ask if you are waiting to be ╪╕┬€£ready" before it is fulfilled. God╪╕┬€╪تs plans for us are beyond our ability and we can sometimes shy away from going further than our human limits and letting God be in control. If we wait to be ready to fulfil what He has for us it may never happen. If you say to God that you are willing to be in a place where if He doesn╪╕┬€╪تt turn up then you just don╪╕┬€╪تt know what the outcome will be then you╪╕┬€╪تll be in the place where God is going to work through you. I totally understand that as I am writing this I will need to be more like this and be more ready to be out of my comfort zone.I see in my life and of those around me that truly trusting in God is so important.

Step into your Destiny

There is no way that I fully trust in God yet but working towards this goal is where you learn to take little steps of faith and then one day you will be stepping out of the boat. Maybe start by praying for a Christian friend you know who needs prayer. Then move onto someone you see in need who you don╪╕┬€╪تt know. People who see great miracles didn╪╕┬€╪تt just start out raising the dead and seeing food multiplied. They got there by trying and trying and trying, even when they didn╪╕┬€╪تt see the results they hoped for.

If you want to see His will done in your life (and by this I mean see lives and towns and cities changed around you) then firstly spend time in His presence. He will meet you, refresh you and encourage you. If you are parents, you know that you want to see your children succeed and achieve their goals. You are God╪╕┬€╪تs children and He, more than any parent, wants to see you succeed.

Listen to what God has to say to you. Know that what He has planned for you is not impossible because He will walk with you every step of the way. Also He can work through you way beyond the limits of your own ability.

Trust Him

See transformation where you are. When you do, make sure you write it down or share with others. It is so encouraging to hear other people╪╕┬€╪تs stories of what God has done. Take people on the journey with you. Some to encourage you and support you. Others to pass the mantle to. Some to be the future. We need to see young people brought into a place where they are ready to position their hearts to hear the call and step into their destiny.

  • Stuart Keiller | Montreal | Canada