Prophetic Revelation: Networking the Nations

Made Alive In Christ

In Ephesians 2:34, Paul tells us the following: ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪رAll of us used to live that way, following the passionate desires and inclinations of our sinful nature. By our very nature we were subject to Godظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪زs anger, just like everyone else. But God is so rich in mercy, and he loved us so muchظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪ز (NLT)

At the moment, as I am writing what happened on paper, I have a smile on my face and my eyes are exuding His love, His freedom, His beautyظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز« There were times when I wasnظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪زt doing so well. In those times, I learned once again that in every situation the best thing is and remains Godظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪زs love.

In my mid-40s I asked myself the question: ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪رWhat is going on in my life right now?ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪ز My eldest son had nothing but problems at school, and was thrown out of school; my youngest had a very high fever and rashes over a long period of time; my husband was continually travelling abroad... I was reaching my limits in every way.

ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪رWhatظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪زs going on, God ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ô speak to me... My family is breaking up, that canظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪زt be your plan!ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪ز I cried out to God and accused Him. It was in this way that my relationship to God was revived again, having been buried for almost 20 years. As I was on the brink of self-pity, despairing about losing everything, including myself, my friend came to me ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ô feeling helpless with the whole situation and unsure ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ô and gave me an orange card in duplicate. !! 1 Cor. 13 !! in bold and Footprints in the Sand. He is carrying you; otherwise you would not be able to endure it.

With tears in my eyes I understood that He was fighting for me, for my lost love for Him, He was waiting patiently for me, longing for me, for a relationship to his queen. I felt disempowered, happy, ashamed. As a six year old child, I got to know and love Him. He was always there for me when nobody stood by me or was there for me. I trusted Him more than anyone. I was looking for love in this world, which can disappoint. 2 Peter 2:16.

A hard battle began with myself, my feelings, disappointments... Understanding what He wanted to say to me ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ô to look the truth about yourself in the eye is daunting, but you are not alone in doing it. God sees all your faults and when you ask Him for His perspective, He will help you to take the responsibility and to live a life in peace. Weighed down with guilty feelings, tears and joy, life started afresh. Days and nights full of discussions, exchanges of ideas, struggling with God, confessing sin, grief and yet discovering with joy: He loves me... the sky is blue, the grass is green and it is summer... my season... In the ruins of a personظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪زs life.

I learned anew to trust God even more intensely than I had ever done before. He had a plan for me and He would see to its success. I learned not to see through the eyes of man, but through spiritual eyes, with His heart... And much fruit came out of this desert timeظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز« Sometimes God allows brokenness in order to save his lost children, to set you free in the calling for which He birthed you. Galatians 2:20: Paul writes that he has been crucified with Christ, that is to say that he stopped thinking about himself.

The question that arises is: And what about me? Who is looking after me? This question distracts us from living the life that God wants us to live. Itظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪زs easy for us to busy ourselves thinking about what we want, think and feel. However, whoever lives for themselves is frustrated and empty. On the other hand, it is astounding what happens when we align ourselves with God and with that which we can do for others. We become free from the fear of not receiving what we need or want. Is it not the secret to joy to give our life away, not hanging on to it?

If God is the focus, not yourself, He will show you how your life can be much more meaningful. I encourage you to be led by Him every day, to be His child. To make your eyes, your ears, your strength ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ô simply everything ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ô available to God. In so doing, you no longer live for yourself but for Him. He is a faithful God, who helps you to live a life that is pleasing to Him ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ô and also to you too. Proverbs 16:9: ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪رIn their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪ز (NIV)

How are you at the moment? Super, everything is fine: family, work, friends...Anything but fine: I feel bad, unhappy with myself, nothing is right. I wonder why...? ...itظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪زs the human beingظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز« Thank you, God.

  • Ingrid Fischer | Maulberg | Germany