Commission to GO

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So What is the Lord saying in these days? How does what we hear from Him affe us personally, traditionally, nationally and globally? It's good to ask questions. Questions help us to evaluate our past, calculate our future.

In Genesis 12:1 The Lord said to Abraham 'Leave your country, kindred and father's household'. The important thing for Abraham was that the Lord said he needed to relocate. Not on a whim or imagination of dissatisfaction but because ‘The Lord said’ to leave everyone he knew, everything he called home, the traditions and family expectations.

So what did he do? He set out on an adventure of faith not knowing wher e he was going but trusting God to lead him, that took courage, commitment, and being deliberately intentional in his actions.

Obedience is essential

Obedience to the Lord's voice through the leading of the Holy Spirit is essential to walking into our destiny. It not only challenges us but it changes the dynamics of our family lives, our long held traditions that have been holding us to that place or other people's expectations, and catapults us into an exciting journey of faith that opens up our destiny, revealing the power and presence of the Living God.

This one act of obedience to GO wherever and whenever He calls can influence and inspire others to do the same, it can change us personally, affecting the outcome traditionally, reforming churches in their faith walk expression nationally; and the potential to be a voice globally is totally mind blowing.

Abraham's faith journey is still inspiring and touching the world, just as his life was a mirror image of what Jesus did leaving His Father's house, coming into our world, His obedience is still echoing down through the ages as an inspiration and invitation to GO.

Commission to GO

Following Jesus' commission to Go into all the world and share this good news. The Spirit and the Bride say Come. Come on this adventure of obedience and faith. My voice is calling you today. I am calling you by name and you are mine. Come my love, my fair one, Come away with Me To a land I will show you.

  • Moira Scott|Love Orkney Prayer Group